Your subscription becomes due on January 1st each year. Please see below if you are paying late. Details about our membership dues.

The preferred method of paying is with credit card or bank transfer. Cheques cannot be accepted, unfortunately.

Personal details
Please check your personal details in the database.
Send a filled out renewal form by email, or by post, to Katie Thorpe if you have problems with this.

Pay your due(s)
Contact the Membership SecretaryKatie Thorpe if you have any problems with this.

Late payers
Members that have not paid by July 1 have, according to the Constitution, resigned. That is to say, they have to rejoin (pay for the remaining part of the year, plus the next).

Members paying late can alternatively opt to reinstate their [old] lapsed  membership by paying for two full years, in which case they will not miss any Bulletins. Use the payment routine twice if you prefer that method.

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