The International Bridge Press Association is a worldwide web. IBPA has more than 300 members in all corners of the world.  The main objective is to assist bridge journalists in their bridge related professional activities, see further the Constitution.

IBPA liaise with the World Bridge Federation, its zonal organizations, national contract bridge organizations, and other bodies, in order to achieve good working conditions for members. Bridge writers can apply for full  membership, others can join as an associate member.

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IBPA outing at the World Championships in Chennai, India, 2015.

Full membership is a must for every professional bridge journalist. At major tournaments IBPA membership is the key to the press room and a number of other benefits. Between venues the IBPA Bulletin and IBPA's news services are a never ceasing source of column material. You can file your application for full membership now.

Associate member
Anybody with interest in IBPA's activities can apply for associate membership.

You can email to IBPA's generic email address or (preferably) use the direct email addresses that you find on the Organization page.

All material on this site and related documents are covered by copyright. Note that when it says, in e.g. a Bulletin, that you may use this and that without mentioning the author or source, it implies that members (and members only) can use it in the said way. This is so because "you" in the context = any member. That older Bulletins can be accessed by everybody changes nothing in this regard.

The addresses found on this web site and related databases may not be used for block sendings. Instead IBPA offers to send out circular letters. See further the Ads page.

International Bridge Press Association ("IBPA") is a Not-For-Profit corporation incorporated in the State of Montana, USA. This web site and its related databases and media are published and maintained for IBPA by [courtesy of] Jannersten Forlag AB (JF) of Uppsala, Sweden. JF is a registered publisher of electronic media and any dispute regarding matters published on this web site and its related databases and media shall be governed by Swedish law.

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