27-5.10   NZB National Congress   Hamilton, NZ

30-14.10   Hainan Bridge Festival   Sanya, Hainan, China


1-6   XXIII Festival Internacional dos Acores   Azores Is. Portugal

7-10   6th Merit International Festival   Kyrenia, Cyprus

8-14   Sicily Overseas Congress  Palermo, Italy

9-16  The British Club International   Las Palmas, Canary Is., Spain

11-12   Gold Cup Finals   London, England

11-15   Vilnius Cup  Vilnius, Lithuania

16-20   Jordan International Festival   Amman, Jordan

20-23   European Small Federations Championships   Novi Sad, Serbia

24-31   5th Festival de Bridge du Paris CC   Rueil-Malmaison, France

26   2nd Anna Maria Torlontano Memorial   Pescara, Italy

29-31   KCBL Open   Seoul, South Korea

31-11.Nov    22nd Madeira Open   Funchal, Madeira, Portugal


7-9   6th Marbella International  Marbella, Spain

7-17   Red Sea Festival   Eilat, Israel

14-16   18th European Champions Cup   Bucharest, Romania

20-24   6th Festival el-Gouna   Qesm Hurghada, Egypt

28-8.12   ACBL Fall NABC   San Francisco, CA

30-5.12   5th National Day Bridge Festival   Dubai, UAE

30-8.12   4th Sunway International Festival   Sitges (Barcelona) Spain

We invite all organizers to send us the details of your tournaments, links to the websites, etc. to be published here. 

Calendar for the rest of  2019 and 2020 year you can find in theCALENDAR section.



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Lyon outing

Lyon outing 2017

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 Ostend 2018:

IBPA outing 2018 small

From left to right:

Back row: Christopher Chambers, Christer Andersson, Jos Jacobs, Per Jannersten

Mid row: Claude Aubry, Yves Aubry, Jan Swaan, Piet Spruit, Izabela Wala, Witold Stachnik

Front row: Elisabeth van Ettinger, Monika Spruit, Herman De Wael


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IBPA in Sanya



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